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2m Cable Management Sleeve Trimmable | 8STWKSTNCM

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This flexible and lightweight cable-management sleeve, made of polyester and nylon fabric, provides an easy and inexpensive solution to cable clutter. Use it to keep cables organized behind your computer monitor, while still providing access to cables when needed.
Wraps easily around your cables
Simply open the rolled fabric to guide your cables through. The flexible sleeve automatically recoils to wrap around your cables. It can also expand to cover additional cables as needed. There are no tools required, and the cables do not need to be disconnected from the computer to be inserted into the cable-management sleeve.
Trims to any length
Using sharp scissors, you can cut the cable-management sleeve to your desired length, to fit neatly under your desk or table, or behind your media centre.
The WKSTNCM is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

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