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Uni-Ball 188 Micro Air Rollerball Pen Blister Assorted PK3 | 10893UB

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Delicate fountain-pen handwriting looks incredibly accomplished. With the uni Air pen, you can get that fine fountain-style flow without the fiddle and faff of changing cartridges and worrying about leaks.

The uni-ball Air Micro is ideal for when you need the finesse of a fine ink script but the reliability of a rollerball. It writes like a dream; just pick up an Air and let the words come as the pen tip moves smoothly across the page.

Perfect for a budding calligrapher who wants to impress with flowing, fine inky text. For a varied, stylish script, apply with a light touch for a finer line and give it a firmer pressure for a bolder edge.

Want these words to last? No problem, the Air writes with uni-ball?s famous Super Ink which is fade and water resistant and tamper proof.

Available in black, blue and red.

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