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Avery A4 Office Trimmer Cutting Length 305mm A4TR | 45448AV

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Since the 1980’s, Avery have offered a range of trimmers and guillotines to suit every budget, usage and functionality. With a specially designed ergonomic cutter-head, you can comfortably glide through your trimming jobs. The blade is safely enclosed in the cutter-head, and the 40mm blade makes light work of trimming down 12 sheets of 80gsm paper. The blade is self-sharpening too – so you can rest assured this Avery A4TR will stand the test of time! It has defined base-board markings include paper, photo and protractor measurements, making any accurate job a breeze. There are both imperial and metric markings to suit your preference. Perfect for office needs, smaller jobs and home crafting. There are noticeable handles so you can carry your trimmer with safety and ease. This also means you can store your trimmer upright as well as flat, to be easily tucked away. Avery are so confident in our new design, we’ve increased our guarantee up to 5 years! This means we will send out replacement spares for 5 years – absolutely free! This trimmer will slide through 12 sheets of 80gsm paper, and the range covers sizes from A4 to A3 so we have something for every use. Our trimmers and guillotines are awarded TUV GS and BS marks which ensures our products are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards.

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